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Here are some interesting web sites not referrenced on my other pages:

My Collections
Bug Collection
Lego Collection
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Paper Money Collection

Surfing the Red Tide - YouTube video of surfing during Red tide, glowing waves caused by bioluminescent algae
Bioluminescent Fungi - Italian YouTube video
Coconut Crab - world's largest land arthropod, see this photo
Eastern Rosella, Himalayan Monal - beautiful birds
Snake Pulling Wallaroo from Water
DNA replication - interesting video
Bleeding Tooth Fungus
Echidna - spiny anteater, one of the weirdest animals
Untitled - some sort of lizard's eye with strange patterning, photo by Igor Siwanowicz

Marine Biology
Pufferfish "Crop Circles" - tiny pufferfish creates a sand sculpture to attract a female
Leptocephalus Eel - beautiful transparent eel larva
Xenophyophore - 10 centimeter single-celled organism, 6 miles underwater in Mariana Trench, found using Dropcam
Halloween Holothurians - beautiful sea cucumber with fractal branches
Armored Searobin - spiny deep sea fish
Blue Dragon Sea Slug - looks like an alien creature, see also the Lettuce Sea Slug
Manta Ray - 23' wingspan, 1.5 tons, sometimes scuba divers have been known to ride them.
Colossal Squid - largest squid ever recorded
Blue Whale - 102' long, 190 tons
Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) - often responsible for unusual-looking carcasses
Great White Shark breeching - impressive movie, you can also see the popular hoax that was made from this movie
Goblin Shark (Mitsukurina owstoni) - weird shark with retractable jaws
Oarfish (Regalecus Glesne) - beautiful & bizarre 50' long fish, this one really scared this guy
Sea Gooseberry - beautiful jellyfish with rainbow colored pulsating lights
Benthic Ctenophore - beautiful jellyfish that looks like lightning
Box Jellyfish - has complex eyes
Electric File Clam
Leafy Sea Dragon - amazing sea horse that looks like seaweed
Archer fish - spits up to 3 meters and catches prey with remarkable accuracy
Sea Spider (Anoplodactylus erectus) - leg spans up to 90 cm, but the body is so small that some of the organs are stored in its legs
Hagfish - ugly slimy fish, the slime is edible!
Kiwa hirsuta - furry white lobster

Angel Oak - interesting tree in South Carolina
Dragon Blood Tree - unusual looking tree with red sap
Amorphophallus titanum - world’s largest flower, see this cool display in Germany
Bristlecone Pine (Pinus aristata) - world’s oldest living thing at 4767 years
Osteospermum - a pretty flower

Extinct Stuff, Etc.
Sea Monsters - fun videos of Giant Mosasaurs, Chasing Megalodon, Liopleurodon
Walking With Dinosaurs - cool videos of Liopleurodon, Ornithocheirus
Dinosauricon - dinosaur artists
Prehistorics Illustrated - more links to dinosaur artists
Gallery of Globsters - unusual-looking carcasses
Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon) - carnivorous shark, some sources say 70', 110 ton
Megalodon eating dead Mastodons - spectacular painting
Megalodon eating a Tylosaurus
Megalodon size comparison
Anomalocaris - giant 2 meter shrimp
Hallucigenia - scientists couldn’t decide which side the legs were on
Ammonite - mollusk with an 8.5 foot shell
Opabinia - strange creature with 5 eyes and a vacuum nozzle
Helicoprion - weird shark with a spiral jaw
Supercroc - 40' crocadile
Megatherium - giant ground sloth
Giant Sea Turtle (Archelon ischyros) - 4 m

Waves - I am not a surfer, but I am fascinated by giant waves
68 foot wave - my favorite wave photo, surfed by Brad Gerlach in Baja California on 12/21/05
tallest wave ever surfed - 90 wave surfed by Garrett McNamara in Portugal on 11/12/11, here is a video
Billabong Odyssey wave - 64 foot wave surfed by Mike Parsons at Jaws, Hawaii on 1/7/02
Clark Little - wave photographer, my favorite photos are Sand Monster and Bulldozer
World's Wildest Waves - video of less tall, but possibly more dangerous waves
"heaviest" wave ever surfed - glassy wave surfed by Laird Hamilton at Teahupoo on 8/17/00
2009 Wipeout of the Year Nominees

Amazing People
Nick Vujicic - inspiring man, born without limbs
Savant Syndrome - interesting videos of amazing people
Kim Peek - photographic memory, the real “Rain Man”
Ben Underwood - amazing blind boy see's using echolocation
Willard Wigan - world’s smallest art sculptures made from specs of dust, see video An Eye On X
Daniel Tammet - incredible memory, can do large calculations and learn a language in a week
Stephen Wiltshire - photographic memory artist, the “human camera”

American Sign Language
Alphabet - some pictures of my hand signing different letters, 3/13/03
American Sign Language (ASL) Dictionary

Julian Beever - amazing Trompe l'oeil sidewalk chalk drawings
Oxymoronica - fun oxymorons (oxymora) compiled by Dr. Mardy Grothe
Palindromes - world’s longest palindrome, palindromic squares
How to score 1962 points in a single turn in Scrabble
Iridescent Cloud
Cave of Swallows - 1094 feet deep cave shaft
Son Doong Cave - world's largest cave, recently discovered in 2009