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Hand-made Artwork
Here are some of my drawings, paintings, and other hand-made artwork.

Glow-In-The-Dark Rocket, 9/24/16
My son and I made this decorative toy rocket from cardboard rolls and foam that we found in the dumpster. We sprayed it with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Tree Airplane - tree leaves, seed pods, stick, and glue gun, 10/27/13
After watching the movie "Planes", my son and I collected some dry leaves, seed pods, and a stick from under a Eucalyptus tree, and then we made this airplane (with a little help from a glue gun). It was quite a fun project. I'd love to see photos if you decide to try it yourself! You can send your photos to:

Acrylic Giant Dragonfly, 5/11/15
I cut this 16 inch giant dragonfly from 1/8 inch thick acrylic using my friend's Senfeng laser cutting machine. It has 2540 holes cut out of it.

“Galactic Landscape” - colored pencil, 1995
A high speed space ship is seen escaping from a black hole as it passes by a large space city. Click here to see some of the original sketches for this drawing.

“Rusty” - etching, 1995
Rusty was my pet Cocker Spaniel. The original photograph is shown below:

Wood Butterflies - yard decorations
Each of these wood butterflies has a wingspan of about 14". The bodies were spun on a wood lathe and the wings were cut from plywood with a jig saw. The butterfly designs on the top row were hand painted. The butterfly designs on the bottom row were spray painted using hand made paper stencils.
1. Blue Diadem: 12/1995
2. Swallowtail: 12/1995
3. Modified Clipper: 12/1995
4. Blue Monarch: 12/1995
5. Clipper: 12/1999
6. Sunset Moth: 12/1999
7. Monarch: 12/1999

“Madagascan Sunset Moth” (upper wing only) - colored pencil and pastels, 1992
This project was never completed. It was intended to be a mechanical moth that could flap it’s wings. Only the upper right wing was ever completed. The other wings were incomplete and have since been lost. The lower wings and body shown in this picture are shown for reference. They were directly scanned from a real moth.

Butterfly Refrigerator Magnet - 1/26/04
This aluminum refrigerator magnet was one of my machining projects. I was planning to paint it and possibly start mass producing them, but I never got around to it.

“Insects” - colored pencil, 1992
1. Green Darner
2. Pastel Skimmer
3. Green Bottle Fly
4. Cactus Fly
5. Jerusalem Cricket
6. Clear-winged Grasshopper
7. Fork-tailed Bush Katydid
8. Gray Bird Grasshopper
9. Harlequin Cabbage Bug
10. European Earwig
11. Ring-legged Earwig
12. Earwig
13. Sow Bug

“Carman” - charcoal, 1995
Carman is a Christian musician whose mission is to take the Gospel “to places where it normally would never show up.”

“Joe Montana” - charcoal, 1995
This was a high school art assignment.

“Factory” - pencil, 1989
This factory is polluting the air with a lot of smoke. The small plane on the left is a giant vacuum cleaner, designed to help clean up the air. You can also see the 1997 remake of this drawing.

“P.D.N.” - initials, ink, 1995
This was a high school art assignment.

“Trees”, watercolor, 9/25?/02
My friend Lorin Zechiel helped teach me how to make this painting.

“School Bus on a Rainy Day” - charcoal, 1995

Claymation Characters around Dinner Table
Stop motion animation movies are fun and easy to make. My friends and family helped make some of these characters.

Legomation - stop motion animations with Legos
The Clay Animation How to Page - learn how to make your own claymations
Stop Motion Animator - free software for recording stop motion animations
“Blue Monster” - 3/16/01
Snake - 12/28/02, 3/16/01

Origami Cats - 12/26/06
Here are some origami cats I made for my wife. I learned how to make these here.

Origami Gallery - compiled by Gilad Aharoni
Joseph Wu's Origami Page

“Mario Space Ship” - pen and pencil, 1991
This is a fanciful level for the old Super Mario Bros. Nintendo video game. Recently, I have been working on making this into a real video game.

“Tractor” - pencil, 1992

“Geometric Space Ships” - colored pencil, 1989

“Hook Boat” - pencil, 1991
The back of Captain Hook’s boat from the movie “Hook”.

Want to see more? Click here to see more of my hand-made artwork:
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