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Old Artwork

“The Dog that Went to Space” - colored pencil, 1987
Here is a 26 page picture book. Click the arrows to turn the pages.

“Madagascan Sunset Moth” - painting, 1995

“Space Ship” - pencil, 1995

“Giant Space Ship” - pencil, 1993

“Taking Out the Groceries” - charcoal, 1991?

“Space Maze” - pencil, 1989

“Household Robot” - pencil, 1990

“Hawaiian Seeds” - colored pencil, 1990

“Sonic Race” - pencil, 1992
A race with Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sega video game.

“Still Life” - charcoal, 1995

Rube Goldberg Power Station” - colored pencil, 1990

Rube Goldberg Machines” - pastels and colored pencil, 1990

“Space Stations” - pencil, 1990

“Space Station” - pencil, 1989

“Shoe” - pencil, 1989

“Mother Ship” - colored pencil, 1989

“Dinosaur Space Ship” - pencil, 1989

“Robotic Trash Can” - pencil, 1989
Airport vacuum cleaner

“Recycling Plant” - pencil, 1991

Sketches for “Galactic Landscape” drawing - pencil, 1995

“Still Life” - pencil, 1990

“Space War” - watercolor splatters and ink, 1992

“Space War” - watercolor splatters and ink, 1989

“Space War” - watercolor splatters and ink, 1988