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Passion Flower
LiveGraphics3D, Mathematica 4.2, 5/17/04
The Passion Flower (Passiflora x belotii) is my favorite flower.
It is called a “Passion Flower” because it is symbolic of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Click and drag on the picture to rotate it.
Hold down the shift key and drag to zoom in.

Symbolism - This beautiful flower is symbolic of the crucifixion of Jesus:
the 72 radial filamentsthe crown of thorns
the spiraled tendrilsthe scourges Jesus was scourged with
the purple petalsJesus’ purple robe, royalty
the white petalspurity
the top three stigmas the three nails in Jesus’ hands and feet
the Trinity
the three crosses
the lower five anthersfive wounds: the crown of thorns, the three nails, and the spear in Jesus’ side
the spade-shaped leavesthe spear that was thrust through Jesus’ side
the stylethe sponge of sour wine
the ten petalsthe 12 apostles minus Judas and Peter

Passiflora Online - Passion flower resource